Esteemed friends and great customers:
After 16 great years doing business on Cape Hatteras, it is with my regrets that this will be Avon Sail House’s final year.

To sound cliché: yes, everything must go! And, I do have some great gear ( as you already know). NOW at knock down the door prices….!!!
Quatro boards, and Goya boards and sails, are priced to sell !!
I have some ’14 stock of sails in the shop, and I can have more current year boards/sails sent from Maui to your doorstep, or to my shop for pick up this Spring.

All clothing and soft goods are half price. This includes harnesses and lines, repair goo, and those irresistible bins of goodies!

Previous year booms, (carbon and alloy) extensions, True Ames fins and stuff are negotiable….
NoLimits and Goya masts are likewise on the market. Don’t forget the mast bags, and yes, I will still plug the masts for you! 

Check out the inventory pages for current stock.